DXSEAT vs other chairs

Most firms compare their chairs to cheap 75€ chairs. We are doing a comparison between our chair and another chair that is being sold in the same price bracket.

How is DXSEAT different to other similarly priced chairs?

At first sight, the cartons appear to look identical. However, the DXSEAT carton is far more robust – this means that there is less risk of the chair being damaged during transport. The carton has extra reinforcement built into the corners which protect the product during transport.

When unpacked, the chair parts look similar. Upon closer inspection though, we can see a number of differences.

The DXSEAT chair seat, however, unlike that of the competitor, has a metal plate that strengthens it throughout and lengthens the lifespan of the foam on the chair. Our seat has thicker, stronger metal rods where the competitor has used a thin piece of metal that can bend and lose its shape after being used for a short time. It is worth noting that on the chair manufactured by DXSEAT, the leather has been attached with care. Although not immediately noticeable, it speaks volumes about the care taken in the manufacture to ensure an attractively finished product.

All our chairs are now equipped with the latest TILT mechanism, that enables the seat to be adjusted to the desired height, to freely engage the rocking function, regulate the tilt angle and block it in the desired position.

On the competitor’s chair we find a basic, simple version of the mechanism. This is one of the cheapest types available, which is often used in the manufacture of seats costing 50 € sold in budget furniture shops. These mechanisms often fail as the piston is inserted into a sleeve which is then welded. In our chairs, the area where the piston is fixed is cast as one piece.

The star base needs to be turned upside down to notice a marked difference. The DXSEAT star base comes with additional bars to reinforce it that ensure long life – when greater force is applied it will not break or crack. The competitor’s star base has no reinforcements. It gives the impression that with added weight being placed upon it, it is likely to break.

The DXSEAT star base has the logo stamped upon the surface, which shows it to be the genuine article. The competitor’s star base comes with pads which should serve as a foot rest, however, they are made of plastic and have weak fastenings which give the impression that they will break off after some use. Resting your foot on them when not wearing shoes is uncomfortable.

Compared to the competitor’s chair, the DXSEAT chair comes equipped with a more durable,class 4 quality gas piston which ensures stability and safety whilst working or gaming. The competitor’s gas piston has no specified class or mention of a maximum charge. It suggests the likelihood of a short lifespan.

DXSEAT also has the advantage of larger wheels that move more quietly. The wheels are made of rubber that does not mark or scratch wooden floors. The competitor uses the cheapest wheels.

The DXSEAT armrests have a chrome finish on some parts, the DXSEAT logo stamped on them and are adjustable in four positions, enabling the user to adjust them in accordance with their size and desk height. The armrests on the competitor’s chair are the simplest available which can be found on the cheapest chairs. They also lack the manufacturer’s logo, which could prove them to be the genuine article. They can only be adjusted up-down.

The foam used in the DXSEAT chair is high quality cold cure foam which covers the frame entirely. This makes it appear larger and ensures that the leather cover does not pucker. It will not crush down and will retain its shape over many years of use. The competitor’s chair has been covered sparingly – there is no foam at all on the side wings of the chair. Furthermore, there is a metal wire that runs across the seat which the manufacturer has used to compensate for the poor quality of the foam used. Unfortunately, the wire can be felt when sitting on the chair. Our chair is also covered in higher quality faux leather which is much thicker.

The frame of the chair is welded by robots, which ensures that every chair has an identical shape and is crafted with precision. This gives the assurance of long term durability.

A further undisputable asset of the DXSEAT chair is the specially designed ergonomic headrest cushion, together with the added availability of ID embroidery. It comes filled with soft, malleable memory foam, whilst the competitor’s cushion contains a cheap filling.

It is not difficult to find the differences between the DXSEAT gaming chair and an ordinary chair. The comparison above has been made using two chairs from the same price bracket. Despite the fact that the chairs appear to be similar, it is possible to prove that the competitor’s chair has been constructed using components that are much cheaper. We therefore feel that it should cost half the price at which it is being sold. In choosing our chair, you are paying for a product of the highest quality. We have made every effort to ensure our product is manufactured using the highest quality parts and components. We therefore feel sure that that the DXSEAT chair will serve you for many years to come.

Our specialized team also offers you after sales service of the highest quality.