CUSTOMIZE YOUR DXseat chair! DXSEATiD allows you to add a Personalized iD (mark) on the headrest cushion. The price is for embroidery only, it does not include the cushion. NB: A cushion must be ordered if not buying a chair.

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DXseat offers you the possibility of personalising your headrest cushion with your own design. You can use initials, a name, an advertising slogan or a small illustration. Enjoy having an exclusive cushion with your own unique design.

Very high quality product and workmanship!
Extremely durable embroidery!


Choose your favourite from a list of fonts available giving us the number or name and we will prepare the inscription for you.

Don't worry about one font being larger than another. Each one can be adjusted to the correct size required.


We have available 16 colours of high quality thread, which gives you a wide choice of options. Colours available are shown at the side.

DXSEATiD allows you to add a Personalized iD (mark) 8cm x 8cm in size on a given area of the product. The mark can include a combination of letters, lines, shapes and numbers.

Marks will be rejected if they contain any of the following:

- Content construed to incite violence;
- Discriminatory or insulting content;
- Inappropriate slang;
- Profanity;
- Material that DXseat does not wish to place on products;
- Content that violates another party’s trademark or intellectual property rights (may include words, phrases, professional sports teams, celebrity names, certain color combinations when used with particular words or geographic designs. Mark submissions must adhere to DXseat's guidelines. DXseat reserves the right to reject any submitted mark.
Along with the mark please send us via e-mail a scanned copy of the completed declaration (In addition you must also send the original to us by post).

Download statement

If your Mark is not accepted, you will receive notification by e-mail. We will not be able to finish customizing until you submit an acceptable design. If you wish to appeal the rejection of your mark by DXseat, you may contact us via phone or by e-mail and request a review of your submission.

If your mark is approved, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation that the project will go ahead.

Ordering a personalised DXseat headrest cushion

After placing your order and making the payment, send your illustration or text to our email address: dxseat@dxseat.com ensuring that it meets with our conditions of acceptance. Once we receive your mail with the attachment, you will be informed about the proposed realisation date.
In the case of an illustration (graphics - a picture or a mark) you have created, a registered trademark or an illustration purchased by you, please send the sample to us via email in one of the following formats: .cdr, .eps, .ai. (fonts changed to text to curves/outlines). If you are only using text (your name, slang, initials etc) and you have already chosen a font from the list we propose, please send us an email with the text to be embroidered and the number of the font chosen. Please note that we are unable to embroider any font other than those shown, unless they are changed to curves/outlines (vector) and saved in the following formats: .cdr, .eps, .ai..
Please remember to attach to your mail the following declaration which is required in order to carry out the order. You may download it from the link below:

Download the declaration

Your order cannot be processed without this declaration!